Sunday, January 13, 2013

Windows 8 Is Horrible - It Makes The Desktop Different Just To Be Different - NOT To Be Better

I am REALLY beginning to hate a company that I have loved for so many years and it makes me feel so sad! I just took the plunge and purchased a Windows 8 laptop. Trying to do simple things with this interface is now such a chore. I want to throw this crap across the room, go and get it, lay it down on the sidewalk, run over it four times with each one of my wheels, bring it back inside, beat it with a hammer, take it into the bathroom, pour water into it, throw it off of my rooftop deck, go back outside and pick it up off of my driveway and then drive to the nearest garbage bin, get out, jump up and down on it and THEN throw it in the dumpster! GIVE ME BACK THE SIMPLE DESKTOP LOOK THAT I COULD CONTROL - NOT THIS CRAP THAT CLUTTERS MY DESKTOP AND TAKES AWAY MY PREVIOUSLY PEACEFUL DESKTOP!!!

WHAT in the WORLD is Microsoft thinking? How do you take away ordinary things like the start menu? WHY would you move that? WHY would you change that? There are so many things in Windows 8 that are different for the sake of being different - NOT different because it made Windows better! I don't want a phone or tablet interface on my laptop! When I sit down to work, I don't want to see Facebook updates, Twitter information, the news, the weather, Jesus, Joseph or John! I just want to be able to QUICKLY click where I need to click and access my work!

Windows 8 makes productivity about as rare as a white elephant in the middle of Manhattan! There are so many unnecessary things going on! WHY? I would love to walk  up to the person who created this piece of crap and just smack them. That would be uncivilized, but I think unleashing this phone sized app for the desktop called Windows 8 was MORE uncivilized. It is completely horrible. I have to take a deep breath and calm myself down. As it stands, I'm typing this on one of my other laptops with Windows 7. Listen, if your Windows 7 works for you DO NOT UPGRADE OR MOVE TO WINDOWS 8! Microsoft does this crazy crap where they screw up every other generation so Windows 9 will likely be perfect! I'm so upset about Windows 8 that I don't ever want to touch another Microsoft product again - EVER! I am going to, but my emotions are spilling over right now. I have to get get my mind right and then get something to make this Windows 8 crap work properly.


OK. I need to get myself a drink of water and calm my nerves. I have things to do and I now have to go search for Notepad. This reminds me of the Ribbon! How do you come out with the Ribbon and not provide a classic menu for those who don't have time to learn where everything is? I still don't use Office anymore. I use Google Docs and Open Office. I just wish there was a viable alternative to Windows. I have a Mac, but I need to use software that is Windows compatible. God I feel stuck between an Apple and a hard place!

I could understand and support a change that made it EASIER to work, but removing things like the start menu is just ridiculous! What purpose does it serve? How does a company like Microsoft, that had a good product twist it into this? I wish Microsoft would ask CUSTOMERS how it could make its products better instead of focusing on changing things to try to match other companies. Everything has its place. Desktops, phones, tablets, laptops - everything has its place. I have all 4 and I just don't want my laptop and my desktop to look like my phone. I don't feel like customizing Windows and downloading more crap to make this Windows 8 crap usable. I just don't. I need to relax before I use that computer again. This is almost enough to make me try to develop my own operating system. God I wish I had the time!

As a software developer, this places me in a hard spot. I hate this operating system so much that I don't want to develop for it. I know the world will go on whether I develop for it or not, but I know  many other people who are starting to feel exactly the same way. I can't believe it has come down to this.

Google can YOU save us......please?


Jon from England said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have been programming for Windows since 1990 and it has been a joy until eighteen months ago and I realised they were destroying everything I loved about computers. From being an evangelist for Microsoft I am now the guy who writes to his customers and advises them we are now in the post-Microsoft era and to avoid this alien hybrid turd (OK, those aren't the actual words I use with my customers).

I am still writing apps targetted at Windows 7 using Visual Studio 2010, but I have lost all interest in learning anything new in terms of MS technologies. I think Google is the contender for the crown, with Android and Chrome OS coming along with all the interesting ideas. That is where all my geek love goes now.

Even if MS changes back to how it was I have moved on. They had their day, and it was fun. This was too big an upset, the sense of betrayal too strong.

Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

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